Infrastructure for lease


03-05-2018 04:30:43

The Nam Dinh Vu non-tariff zone is a free trade area that creates a lively, multi-sectoral, multi-sectoral and competitive advantage for Nam Dinh Vu in comparison with other projects.

  • The Nam Dinh Vu non-tariff zone is a free trade area with a direct connection to Nam Dinh Vu and Lach Huyen international ports, which create the diversity, multidisciplinary and competitiveness for Nam Dinh Vu IP.
  • Scale: 210ha.
  • Investment attraction: Manufacturing, processing, assemblingcommodities, etc.
  • Area for lease:> 1ha.
  • Land handover: elevation of ± 4.5; tightness k90.
  • Utilities: ready and connected to the fenceof the leased land
  • Power supply: phase 1 with capacity of 2x63 MVA.
  • Water supply: 30,000 m3/day
  • Waste water treatment plant: phase 1 with a capacity of 10,000 m3/day.
  • Other facilities: providing seaport services, banking, post office, warehousing, on-site customs ...

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