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24-01-2019 08:42:58

As one of the youngest member company in the Group, established on December 8, 2016 with the chartered capital of VND. 

Operating in 3 main areas are warehouse business, logistics services and trading of goods temporarily imported for re-export. Equipped with modern warehousing facilities, the system of modern cold storage according to international standard, container yard with the capacity of 10,000TEU available to receive orders. In the next five years, Hai Phong Port Services is expected to become a seaport service company with the largest warehouse service and cold storage in the North and the largest frozen food center in Vietnam.

Công ty Cổ phần tập đoàn đầu tư Sao Đỏ
  • Số 768B Ngô Gia Tự, Phường Thành Tô, Quận Hải An, Hải Phòng
  • Tel: (+84) 0225 3 814301
  • Fax: (+84) 0225 3 814300
  • Email:
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