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15-02-2019 08:50:54

Hai Phong is the well-known and the third largest port city in Vietnam. This is an important sea transportation hub of the Northern key economic region to the world and is gradually asserting to be an attractive and friendly investment environment for domestic and foreign investors.

Data of the investment environment of Hai Phong city:

  • Total number of FDI project (12/2017): 499.
  • Total FDI amount (2017): ~ 14 billion USD.
  • Total investment country and region: 36
  • Main investment fields: high technology, electronical and mechanical manufacturing, processing industry,...

Investment environment:

  • Competent authorities have full experience to work with foreign companies.
  • Hai Phong city focuses on the development of regional transportation infrastructure: Ha Noi - Hai Phong expressway, Cat Bi international airport, Lach Huyen international deep seaport, etc.
  • The Investment Promotion Center in Hai Phong was established with the purpose of advising the enterprises on policies and supporting the completion of necessary administrative procedures; recruiting workers, etc. in order to help the investors to reduce time and investment costs.

Human Resources:

  • Population: over 2 million people
  • Area: 1561.8 km2
  • Labor: over 1.3 million labors, mostly young and skilled workers.
  • Training model: 4 universities; 20 colleges and many vocational schools.
  • Salary: Minimum salary is VND2,350,000/month



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