Potential and Advantages


15-02-2019 07:02:55

Nam Dinh Vu IP is located in Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone therefore investors are entitled to the following special incentives:

1. Tax incentives:

- The enterprise income tax rate is equal to 10% for the first 15 years, calculated continuously from the first year an enterprise earn the revenue from the tax incented activities and is equal to 20% in the following years.

- Tax exemption for 4 years, 50% reduction of payable tax for 9 subsequent years, calculated continuously from the first year the enterprise has taxable income from the investment project; In case the enterprise does not have taxable income for the first 3 years after the turnover from the investment project is available, the tax exemption or reduction duration shall be calculated from the forth year.

General case

Case 1: Have revenue and profit

Case 2: Have revenue and no profit

Land use tax:

Exemption of 100% ofland taxduring the entire lifetime of project.

... and other tax incentives in accordance with current regulations of the Government of Vietnam. In addition, Nam Dinh Vu IP is also flexible for the adjustment of lease price, payment term, customer services ... in order to create the most favorable conditions for investors.

2. Incentives offered by Nam Dinh Vu IP:

Support the Investors to complete the below legal procedures in the shortest time with free of charge:

- Investment Registration Certificate

- Enterprise Registration Certificate

- Land Use Right Certificate

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