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Nam Dinh Vu IP is located in the center of Dinh Vu - Cat Hai economic zone. This is a marine economic center serving the needs of socio-economic development of Hai Phong city, the northern coastal region and the whole country with many key Projects being implemented. The technical infrastructure and social infrastructure here are developed synchronously and modernly. These comparative advantages bring direct benefits to the investors while saving the transportation costs as well as shortening the products leadtime to market.

Project location in Dinh Vu - Cat Hai economic zone, Hai Phong city.

I. Connection to Haiphong City:

  • 10km from Hai Phong city center, connected via TL356 (cross-section 68m).
  • Population of over 2 million people.
  • 1.3 million labor resources.


TL356 connects the IP with Hai Phong city center

 II. Cat Bi International Airport

  • 8km from the international airport.
  • Flight routes: Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, etc.
  • Designed capacity: 4-5 million visitors per year, ability to upgrade to 7-8 million; cargo handling capacity is 250,000 tons/year.

III. Connection to Seaport system

Nam Dinh Vu Port

(functional subdivision of Nam Dinh Vu IP):

  • Scale: 10 berths.
  • Receiving ship: up to 40,000 DWT;
  • Cargo handling: container; general cargo; Oil and gas products ...
  • Activities: In the first quarter of 2018 (phase 1) put into operation 02 container terminals .

Lach Huyen deep water port

(5 km from Nam Dinh Vu IP):

  • Scale: 16 berths
  • Depth in front of berth: -14m
  • Receiving ship: 100,000DWT.
  • Cargo handling: general cargo, containers, LCL
  • Operation: May 02, 2018 (phase 1) put into operation 02 container terminals.

Port system at Dinh Vu peninsula

(3km from Nam Dinh Vu IP):

  • Including ports: Dinh Vu Port; Tan Vu port; VIP Port ...
  • Receiving ship: up to 30,000 DWT.
  • Cargo handling: container; synthetic goods ...
  • Capacity: estimated 100 million tons (2017).

IV . Connection to Highway system:

Hanoi - Hai Phong Expressway:

  • 4km from Nam Dinh Vu IP, connecting the IP to the northern cities of Vietnam.
  • Total length: 105km
  • Cross-section: 100m (06 lanes).
  • Speed: <120km/h (1 hour traveling to Hanoi).


Tan Vu - Lach Huyen Highway and Bridge:

  • Direct connection to Lach Huyen deep seaport and Hanoi - Hai Phong expressway.
  • Total length: 15.6km.
  • Bridge length: 5.44km.
  • Cross-section: road cross section 29.5; Bridge cross-section: 16m (04 lanes).
  • Speed: 80km/h.

Ha Long - Hai Phong Expressway:

  • 4km from Nam Dinh Vu IP, connecting the IP to Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province
  • Total length: 25km.
  • Cross section: 25.5m (04 lanes).
  • Speed: 100km/h (25 minutes traveling to Quang Ninh)

V. Connection to Railway system:

- 15km to Hai Phong Railway Station.

- The Hai Phong - Hanoi - Lao Cai railway route to Kunming (Yunnan province) in southwest China is extended to Dinh Vu - Cat Hai economic zone.


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