Sao Do Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Sao Do Construction)

Sao Do Construction Company was established in 2005, in order to meet the demand for investment and construction of civil, industrial, traffic and irrigation projects constantly developing of Hai Phong city and surrounding areas. With a team of key leaders with high professional qualifications, having worked in enterprises with strong brands in the field of investment and capital construction such as Vinaconex Corporation, Hanoi Construction Corporation. . The company has gradually innovated and made breakthroughs in the fields of investment and capital construction, meeting the laws of movement and development of society in the increasingly fierce international economic integration period. The company’s products are evaluated with good quality, fastest progress, most reasonable price. Sao Do Construction has been and is a red address trusted and supported by customers.

Công ty Cổ phần Đầu tư Xây dựng Sao Đỏ (Sao Do Construction)

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