Based on the votes sent by the employees of the Group;

Based on the given criteria, the Organizing Committee has summarized the results and announced the voting rates of 12 specific works as follows:

          I: Voting results:

Stt Vietnamese Slogan Author Vote (turn) Note
first Nam Dinh Vu IP – Modern – Synchronized – Complete Administration and Management Department 14%
2 Value creation, successful awakening Peach Thu Hong ten%
3 Your benefit – Our success Dang Thi Dung 9%
4 Continuous connection, build success Nguyen Dinh Bach 9%
5 Crossing the big sea – Trade connection Vu Tu Anh 9%
6 Continuous industry – Golden address for investors Ngo Thi Anh 14% Violation of regulations on the number of words
7 Nam Dinh Vu IP – Green industrial city Nguyen Thi Minh 8%
8 Utility infrastructure, commitment to success Dao Thi Thu Trang 7%
9 Ready infrastructure, ahead of the trend Nguyen Phi Hung 6%
ten Nam Dinh Vu IP – Global economic touchpoint Le Phuong Ha My 5%
11 A solid foundation for success Vu Quoc Doanh 5%
twelfth Expand Investment – ​​Increase benefits Nguyen Thi Minh 4%


Thus, the following works will be selected for the presentation round:

  1. Nam Dinh Vu IP – Modern – Synchronized – Complete
  2. Value creation, successful awakening
  3. Your benefit – Our success
  4. Continuous connection, build success
  5. Crossing the big sea – Trade connection

Particularly, the work “Continuous industry – Golden address for investors” although containing a meaningful message and receiving a high vote rate, due to the violation of the regulations on the number of words (more than 10 words), the BTC agreed to award a consolation prize worth 1,000,000 VND.

       II: Results of the presentation round:  14:00 on August 1, 2018.

  • At 1:30 p.m. on August 1, 2018, the authors whose works entered the standard presentation round presented, presented and defended the content of the selected slogan in front of the contest organizers and all employees of different departments. Department of Sao Do Group.

Cuộc thi sáng tạo slogan tại Sao Đỏ

  • The organizers highly appreciate the protected content of the authors, but have not yet agreed on the selection of the best products for special awards. The group’s leadership will continue to consider options and will have an official answer to all relevant individuals in the shortest time.

      The organizers are pleased to announce!

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