List of industrial parks in Hai Phong

The following list of industrial parks in Hai Phong  will help investors have an overview of industrial parks in the city, thereby gaining a basis when choosing an industrial park for long-term investment and development.

1. List of industrial parks in Hai Phong already in operation

As one of the localities with advantages and geographical position, owning 5 types of transportation, Hai Phong is a promising land for domestic and foreign investors. The scale of the industrial park in Hai Phong is among the top in Vietnam and has achieved impressive achievements.

According to Blue Ocean Realty, by the end of the first quarter of 2021, Hai Phong has attracted 570 domestic and foreign projects with a total investment of up to 23.3 billion USD (of which FDI is 17.1 billion USD, domestic capital is 6.2 billion USD) .

According to information from Hai Phong Department of Planning and Investment, Hai Phong currently has 12 industrial parks that have been put into operation, including 8 industrial zones in Dinh Vu – Cat Hai economic zone and 4 outside industrial zones. Specifically:

Industrial park name





National Highway 5, An Duong District, Hai Phong

153 hectares

Joint venture between Hai Phong City People’s Committee and Nomura Corporation Japan

Dinh Vu

Hai An, Hai Phong

– Phase 1: 164 ha

– Phase 2: 377.46 ha

Joint venture company between foreign partners such as (AID) Thailand, (AIG) USA, IPEM (Belgium) with Hai Phong City People’s Committee

VSIP Hai Phong

Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone, Thuy Nguyen, Hai Phong

507.6 hectares

Becamex IDC Corporation (Vietnam) and Sembcorp Development Corporation (Singapore)

Do Son

Ngoc Xuyen Ward, Do Son, Hai Phong

150 hectares

Joint venture between Do Son Industrial Park and Hai Phong Infrastructure Development & Construction Company and Asia Glorious Development Limited (Hong Kong)

Trang Due

An Duong District, Hai Phong

– Phase 1: 187.81 ha

– Phase 2: 214.02 ha

Joint Stock Company Saigon Industrial Park, Hai Phong

South Cau Kien

Kien Bai Commune, Thuy Nguyen, Hai Phong

268.32 hectares

Shinec Shipbuilding Industry Joint Stock Company

Nam Dinh Vu

Dinh Vu Economic Zone, Hai An, Hai Phong

1329.11 hectares

Sao Do Corporation

MP Dinh Vu

Dinh Vu Economic Zone, Hai An, Hai Phong

231 hectares

Minh Phuong Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company

Deep C

Hai An District and Cat Hai District, Hai Phong

– Phase 1: 541 ha

– Phase 2: 654 ha

– Phase 3: 520 ha

Joint venture between Hai Phong City People’s Committee and Belgian investor Rent-A-Port

An Duong

Hong Phong Commune, Bac Son, An Duong District, Hai Phong

196 hectares

Shenzhen Holdings Investment Co., Ltd

Industrial Park – Urban Trang Cat

Trang Cat Ward, Hai An, Hai Phong

800 hectares

Kinh Bac Urban Development Corporation

Cau Kien General Industrial Park

4 communes Kien Bai, Thien Huong, Lam Dong, Hoang Dong, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong

263.47 hectares

Shinec Joint Stock Company

The above Hai Phong industrial real estate zones are developing dynamically, have high occupancy rates and make great contributions to enhancing the local position on the economic map of Vietnam. In which, Nam Dinh Vu industrial park has been put into operation but is continuing to expand its land bank and is an attractive destination for investors.

2. List of new industrial zones in Hai Phong 

With the advantages of geographical location, Hai Phong transport continues to expand 15 new industrial zones to accelerate the process of industrialization and modernization. The total area of ​​the new industrial zones is up to 6,200 ha. This is a potential land for investors to “pour capital” to facilitate production, business and development.

2.1. The industrial park is focusing on implementing new establishment procedures

Currently, there are 6 industrial parks in the process of implementing new administrative procedures with a total area of ​​2,758 ha, including:

  • Xuan Cau Industrial Park
  • Nam Trang Cat Industrial Park
  • Thuy Nguyen Industrial Park
  • Tien Thanh Industrial Park
  • Expanded Trang Due Industrial Park
  • Giang Bien Industrial Park 2

2.2. The project is completing the processes and procedures for implementation

In addition to the above 6 projects, there are 9 projects in Hai Phong that are completing the process and procedures for implementation with a total area of ​​3,466 ha:

  • Cau Cuu Industrial Park
  • An Hoa Industrial Park
  • An Hung Industrial Park – Dai Ban
  • Vinh Quang Industrial Park
  • Ngu Phuc – Kien Thuy Industrial Park
  • Sao Mai Industrial Park (Tien Lang 1)
  • Vinh Quang Shipbuilding Industrial Park (Tien Lang 2)
  • Cai Trap Island Industrial Park
  • Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park (Phase 2)


With the above new industrial park projects in Hai Phong, we have the right to hope for an outstanding development of this key northern city. At the moment, industrial parks that have been operating and continuously expanding land funds with dual incentives will be “golden land” for investors.

Typically, Nam Dinh Vu industrial park, the project has a prime location, the area is still expanding and many attractive incentives for secondary investors.

  • Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park has a convenient location, quick traffic connections with river, sea, railway, road and air routes.
  • Synchronous planning, utilities with 4 functional subdivisions bring investors a favorable business environment.
  • The best-rated tax incentives in Vietnam (up to now).
  • Complete and complete technical infrastructure.
Sao Do Group -
Nam Dinh Vu is one of the industrial parks that is highly appreciated for its prime location and synchronous infrastructure

The  list of Hai Phong industrial parks  shows the development scale and strong direction of the port city. This is also a potential investment opportunity with many diverse options for investors in the new period.

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