Dear Customers and Partners!

On behalf of all employees of the Group, I would like to send you the most sincere thanks and gratitude for your interest, trust and support during the past time.

Sao Do Group was formed and developed by the convergence of wisdom, belief and desire of individuals who have worked in many large enterprises in the country, but have not had the conditions or opportunities to together to realize the burning dream, create a pure Vietnamese economic group with multi-industry but international class.

With the foundation of internal resources, the dynamism of seizing opportunities and breaking through into new fields, the Group has gradually consolidated all aspects of its activities, overcome all difficulties in the early days of establishment and found a way. most suitable development. Up to now, Sao Do has become a multi-industry private economic group with member companies and affiliated companies. In which each member company is a piece of the puzzle, a different role to create a perfect whole, a solid foundation in the Group’s journey to rise, reach and develop.

With the point of view, taking customer satisfaction as a measure of quality: “Customer’s success is Sao Do’s success”. Along with your trust and support during the past time, Sao Do is committed to always accompanying and supporting partners and customers to grow together to achieve success on the road. selected.


Tran Van Thang