Sao đỏ Group

From ancient times, according to ancient legends, stars symbolize the power and intelligence of the Gods. Not as enchanting as the moon, not as dazzling as the sun, but stars have a mysterious and immense attraction. The initial idea when designing the logo for the corporation originates from these stars.

The five-pointed star represents the development direction based on the diversified business model of the company in an increasingly integrated economy. The unevenness of the star ‘s five points signifies various industries with different proportions, but the most important and largest proportion lies in the field of investment and real estate business, represented by the longest point on the star, symbolizing leadership and orientation – the Earth Star. Earth represents the land, and land is the source for creating various forms of real estate. This further confirms our intention to take the name of the most beautiful star in the solar system as the guiding direction for our industry’s development.

The combination of the words “SAODO GROUP” reflects our operating model – a conglomerate model in which each subsidiary company, each member company, will be a puzzle piece, playing a different role to create a perfect entity.

The red color of the logo contains intense vitality, expressing luck and also the color of hope and trust – the principle more precious than gold for us. We always prioritize customer satisfaction to adjust our behavior and also affirm our commitment to accompany and support the creation of our customers’ success.

All these elements contribute to the construction of the logo of a brand named Sao Do (Red Star). Sao Do Group – a star among countless stars, but it will be the most beautiful and brightest star.