From ancient times, according to ancient legend, the stars symbolized the power and wisdom of the gods. Not shimmering and fanciful like the moon, not as bright and bright as the sun, but the stars have mysteriously attractive power and also contain a huge amount of energy. The first idea when designing the logo for the Group came from such stars.

The 5-pointed star symbolizes the Company’s development orientation according to the multi-industry model in the increasingly integrated economy. Five-pointed stars are not equal to say: many industries with different proportions, but the main and largest proportion is the field of investment, real estate business, industrial parks shown above. longest star with a guiding and guiding mission– Saturn. Earth is earth, earth is the source to create different forms of real estate, which further confirms our intention to take the name of the most beautiful star in the solar system as our industry development orientation.

The phrase “SAODO GROUP” speaks about our operating model – a group model in which each Subsidiary, Member Company will be a piece of the puzzle, a different role to create a perfect whole.

The red color of the logo is the color that always hides in it intense vitality, an expression of luck and is also the color of hope, of faith – credibility – a principle more precious than our gold. Always take customer satisfaction to adjust their behavior, and also affirm to always accompany and support to create customer success.

All of the above factors have contributed to building the logo of a brand named Sao Do. Red Star Corporation – a star among millions of stars, but will be the most beautiful and brightest star.