At the end of the first six months of the business year, Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park recorded several new projects being launched, with a focus on land leveling and infrastructure construction and development. Nam Dinh Vu continues its sustainable and environmentally friendly development goals, with a particular emphasis on training activities within the industrial park. Let’s now go through some key news in the Quarter 2/2023 Industrial Park Newsletter:

  • Project Updates: Phase 1 of the industrial park has reached 100% occupancy, and for Phase 2, the initial infrastructure development of 200 hectares has seen several projects become operational, while the next 280 hectares are currently undergoing land leveling and infrastructure completion.
  • Continued attraction of new projects.
  • Highlights of events by Sao Do Group – Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park.
  • Updates on business and investment-related legal policies.
  • Investment environment report for the first six months of 2023 in Vietnam and Hai Phong.
  • We invite our valued partners and customers to refer to the detailed content here: NEWSLETTER Q2_2023_EN
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