Mobile Medical Station of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park accompanies employees


In response to the extremely complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, along with the direction of the Ministry of Health, Nam Dinh Vu collaborated with Hong Phuc General Hospital to build a mobile medical station in the industrial park. . With the task of managing and monitoring F0 treatment in the area, the medical station with full equipment as directed by the Ministry of Health always ensures that the workforce has access to basic health care services. most timely version.
Nam Dinh Vu believes that the construction of mobile medical stations is a practical and urgent action in the continued fight against the Covid-19 epidemic in 2022. With a proactive spirit and criteria of health and safety of the workforce is always the top priority, the medical station will be the perfect solution for the industrial park, not only enhancing the ability to respond and control the epidemic, but also help the workforce feel better. feel more secure at work.
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Trạm Y tế lưu động KCN Nam Đình Vũ đồng hành cùng CBCNV

Trạm Y tế lưu động KCN Nam Đình Vũ đồng hành cùng CBCNV

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