Nam Dinh Vu Port, Hai Phong Industrial Park

Nam Dinh Vu Port  is located in Cat Hai Economic Zone of the Non-Tariff Zone and Dinh Vu Industrial Park – the most important international and domestic commercial freight transport hub of the whole North, right at the mouth of the Bach Dang River with deep draft and wide turning basin, is the closest gateway to the sea compared to other ports in Hai Phong area, located on the same traffic axis – connecting with Nam Hai Dinh Vu port (3.0 km away). and Nam Hai ICD (3.5 km away), downstream towards the big sea.

  • Vessel reception capacity:  up to 40,000DWT – this is the largest ship size entering Dinh Vu area – thanks to its deep draft position, modern equipment and solid rear yard system
  • Project scale :

The whole project on Nam Dinh Vu Port – Will be the largest port in Dinh Vu area, Hai Phong

  • Is a complex with 6-7 container terminals /
  • Total area: more than 65ha
  • Pier length: 1.5km
  • Investment capital: 6,000 billion VND (265 million USD)
  • Capacity: nearly 2 million Teus and 3 million tons

+ Stage 1:

  • Area: 20ha
  • Pier length: 450m
  • New and modern equipment including: 6RTG and 4QC with 15 rows of containers, the largest in the region, and modern Catos software to help manage and operate port operations in real time.
  • Total investment capital: 1,700 billion VND (75 million USD)
  • 1st stage capacity: 500,000 Teus
  • Distinctive advantage of the project:
    • The port is invested and operated by Sao Do Group and Gemadept Group with nearly 30 years of operation in the field of port operation.
    • Pioneering, experienced, dynamic and enthusiastic staff on a professional basis to bring better added values ​​to customers

Progress of deployment and operation of Nam Dinh Vu Port

  • Record construction progress (1 year) – received the first train on February 4, 2018
  • After 3 months of operation: The cargo handling productivity is among the highest in the region: reaching 50 moves/hour, 35 trains have been received with an output of nearly 25,000 Teus after 3 months.
  • Phase 2 implementation plan: Phase 2 of the project will be started in the third quarter of this year so that it can be put into operation from the beginning of 2020.
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