Nam Dinh Vu Port Joint Stock Company is looking for a talented, passionate and enthusiastic young staff for Sales & Marketing, sharing the Company’s vision, mission, and core values. willing to accompany the Company to develop core business lines. Potential employees will be nurtured and developed to become the next team to meet the human resource needs according to the company’s development strategy.


1. Sales & Marketing (2 people)

  • Age: 22 – 30 years old
  • Qualification: Full-time university in related disciplines such as Foreign Trade, Economics, Marketing, International Business, Business Administration, Transport, Maritime, …
  • Foreign language/computer skills: English TOEIC equivalent to 650, fluent communication, priority to know 2 foreign languages; Proficient in office computer skills.
  • Experience: Priority is given to candidates with more than 1 year of experience in Marketing & Sales at shipping lines, ports, import-export companies, forwarders.
  • Other requirements: Good communication, professional passion, able to work under high pressure, ability to analyze and capture information. Have a spirit of dedication, learning, companionship, ready to take on challenges. Having thoughts, qualities and attitudes consistent with core values ​​and cultural principles of Gemadept (GMD) ( menh.html)
  • Work place: Hai Phong


  • Sales-MKT staff will be trained to work mainly in the field of seaports and ICDs with customers who are shipping lines, import-export enterprises, forwarders, etc. to provide chain services for ports, logistics, and logistics services. additional services. The scope of work includes:
  • Sales/Business Development (Sales/BD): responsible for sales targets and finding new customers, new services
  • Customer care: develop customer care policies and coordinate with Sales / BD to maintain and take care of existing customers
  • Developing and implementing marketing policies, market analysis, organizing events, etc.


  • Trained in Ho Chi Minh City with professional knowledge and skills about Sales-MKT
  • Experience practical knowledge and skills learned at companies under Gemadept
  • After completing the training, you will be assigned to work in relevant departments in a dynamic and professional environment.
  • Wage agreement.
  • The rights and benefits are guaranteed according to the provisions of the law.



2. RTG crane operator (20 people)


  • Age: 25-35
  • Occupation: Operating RTG gantry crane.
  • Experience: Preference will be given to those with RTG operating experience.
  • Be healthy, enthusiastic, honest.
  • Able to work overtime, night shift, shift work
  • Determine to work and settle down for a long time in Hai Phong.
  • Job Description  : Operate RTG to lift and lower cargo containers: deliver and receive customers, build ships..


  • Wage agreement.
  • To pay social insurance and other benefits as prescribed by law
  • Professional, dynamic, friendly, equal working environment with many learning and development opportunities.


Divided into 2 periods :

* Phase 1 : Receive applications from August 2020 to October 2020. Announcement of recruitment results in October 2020.

*Phase 2:   Receive applications from October 2020 to November 2020. Announcement of recruitment results in November 2020.           


  • Local certified curriculum vitae
  • Job application
  • Health certificate, HIV/drug testing required.
  • Relevant diplomas and certificates
  • Birth certificate, ID card.

For more information, please contact:  Human Resources Department – ​​2nd Floor – Nam Dinh Vu Port Joint Stock Company – Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park (zone 1), Lot CA1, Dong Hai Ward 2, Hai An District, Hai City Room. Tel: 0225. 3266468 – Ext: 158. Email: .

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