Occupational safety of people is always the top concern of NDV Industrial Park. In order to create a really effective working environment, bringing peace of mind and trust of partners,  NDV has constantly developed and disseminated occupational safety standards within the Dinh Vu industrial park . To be truly a place to spread values, NDV must also start from ensuring occupational safety for its own employees and at the same time, the collective of employees also needs to strictly comply to ensure the safety of employees. General occupational safety standards:

Responsibilities of the NDV:

About the working environment:

– Provide all necessary facilities and equipment for employees;

– Provide adequate and fair benefits to all employees;

Periodically check the quality of the working environment (Noise, waste, hazardous factors, …)

– There is a full and clean personal hygiene area;

– Spacious and well-ventilated working area;

– Support expenses, transportation according to work needs for employees;

Regarding labor protection equipment:

– Equip and provide adequate means of occupational safety and personal protection when doing jobs with dangerous and harmful factors;

– Ensuring the supply of the best and latest quality for protective equipment;

– Equip with occupational safety equipment at the workplace;

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Regarding means of work:

– Use, maintain and preserve at the workplace according to technical regulations and standards and according to the rules and procedures to ensure occupational safety at the workplace;

– Periodically inspect and maintain machinery, equipment, supplies, and quality of workshops and warehouses;

Regarding incident prevention:

– Organize the inspection and assessment of dangerous and harmful factors at the workplace when necessary or according to the regulations of the industrial park;

– Improve working conditions, take care of workers’ health;

– There are warning signs and instruction boards placed in a conspicuous position for machines, equipment, supplies and substances with strict requirements on occupational safety at the workplace;

– Develop and issue plans for incident handling and emergency response at the workplace;

Regarding propaganda activities:

Propagating and disseminating internal rules, regulations, and measures to prevent and combat dangerous and harmful factors at the workplace;

– Training employees in measures to prevent and combat dangerous and harmful factors at work-related workplaces;

About troubleshooting:

– Incident handling, emergency response;

– Promptly report to the responsible person when detecting a risk or when an accident or technical incident causing unsafety is out of control.

Regarding the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic:

– Fully instructing all employees on preventive measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic;

– Ensure daily health check and temperature measurement of employees;

– Provide masks and necessary items for employees when traveling on business;

– Improve the wind system at factories and workshops;

– Disseminate staff to install and use Bluezone application;

Responsibilities of the collective staff:

– Strictly comply with regulations, rules, procedures, requirements on occupational safety and health promulgated by the employer or a competent state agency;

– Comply with the law and master the knowledge and skills on measures to ensure occupational safety and health at the workplace;

– Use and maintain the provided personal protective equipment, occupational safety and health equipment at the workplace during the performance of assigned tasks and tasks;

– Participating in occupational safety and health training before using machines, equipment, supplies and materials with strict requirements on occupational safety and health;

– Preventing direct risks of causing occupational unsafety and sanitation, violations of regulations on occupational safety and sanitation at the workplace;

– Promptly report to the responsible person when knowing the occupational accident, incident or detecting the risk of incident, occupational accident or occupational disease;

– Participate in workplace health events and activities

Actively participate in the rescue and remedy of occupational incidents and accidents according to the incident handling and emergency response plan or upon the order of the employer or competent state agency.

– Self-consciously and honestly when declaring their own health and travel schedule when feeling suspected of having Covid-19 signs;

– Wash your hands often. Use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

– Keep a safe distance from people who are coughing or sneezing.

– Always wear a mask while working and communicating with colleagues or strangers.

– Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth without washing your hands thoroughly.

– When coughing or sneezing, use a tissue or bend your elbow to cover your nose and mouth.

– Stay home when you feel unwell.

– Seek medical attention if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

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