Sao Do Group carries out the mission of sustainable development – Giving scholarships to Nurture Green Seeds

In the jubilant and exhilarating atmosphere of the whole country to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the successful August Revolution and the National Day of September 2, along with the joy of the ”  All people’s day to bring children to school”  of millions of teachers and students, Students and parents across the country, Sao Do Group had a visit to Thanh To Primary School and Secondary School with meaningful scholarships, named Nurturing Green Sprouts.

Awarding scholarships to Thanh To Primary School and Hai Thanh Secondary School

Opening ceremony at Thanh To Primary School

During his lifetime, President Ho Chi Minh once said:

“Children like young leaf on branches

Knowing how to eat, how to sleep, how to study is good”

In addition to protecting his heart to help the country regain its independence and freedom, Uncle Ho also never forgot to give love and care to children and children. To Uncle, children are the preschools, the future owners to build the country. Uncle once taught: “If the sprout is green, the tree will be strong, if the bud is green, the leaves will be fresh, the fruit will be good, if children are properly educated, the nation will be strong and independent”. According to him, the Sao Do Group has contributed to the nurturing of young shoots by awarding 75 study promotion scholarships, of which 45 are awarded to Thanh To Primary School and 30 are awarded to Hai Phong Secondary School. Wall.

The scholarships awarded are not only of material value but also of the heart and attention of the Sao Do Group for teenagers and children who are still in the “age of adulthood”. With this meaningful gift, Sao Do hopes that this will be a great source of motivation for the students to strive to achieve better results in the school year 2022-2023.

Tập đoàn Sao Đỏ

Sao Do Group awarded scholarships to Hai Thanh Secondary School

Tập đoàn Sao Đỏ

Sao Do Corporation awarded scholarships to Thanh To Primary School

20 years of establishment with the sustainable development mission of Sao Do Group

The year 2022 is a special year for Sao Do Group, marking the 20-year milestone of non-stop operation of the team members, brothers under the common roof named Sao Do, and also the pillar of the Sao Do Group. milestone for 20 years of preserving and building strong relationships with partners and customers. Looking back on the journey of formation and development, right from the early days of establishment, the Group has received the companionship and trust from its partners when they agreed on a cross-cutting goal: “Customer success is our success. work of Sao Do”, so all difficulties and challenges we can overcome thanks to solidarity and mutual support.

Up to now, the Group has achieved certain achievements, which are important for the long-term development of the business. We are aware that, to achieve that, the dedication of all employees and the support from our partners and customers is not small. In response to that trust, Sao Do will do its best to listen and pray to become a better version of tomorrow.

Talking about the Group’s mission, besides focusing on customers, employees and shareholders, Sao Do Group also cares about sustainable development. Throughout the company’s establishment and operation, the Group has always committed to supporting society at the highest level through various aspects, such as: environment, social security, education,….

Regarding the environment, we are committed to researching and implementing options to positively impact the environment and the business ecosystem. In addition, the selection of partners for sustainable development goals also takes place under a rigorous process to ensure that the criteria are met. One of the strategic and large-scale projects of Sao Do Group is Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park, in this project, the Group has promoted cooperation with enterprises such as Shire Oak International Group –  The  Group leading UK in renewable energy project development or An Phat Holdings with the project of setting up the first green material factory in Southeast Asia and many other ”  green” projects. Others are and will be invested and developed in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park. Thereby, it can be seen that Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park has been oriented from the beginning to be a green, environmentally friendly industrial park.

Signing ceremony of renewable energy project between Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park and Shire Oak Corporation

Regarding social security, in June and July this year, Sao Do Group launched a series of events to support the construction of houses for disadvantaged households before the rainy season. Up to now, we have successfully awarded construction funds for 11 houses in Hai Phong city: 4 households in Duong Kinh District, 2 households in Thuy Nguyen District, 2 households in Hai An District, 1 household in Ho Chi Minh City. Kien Thuy district and 2 households in An Lao district. Donated shelters are not only the joy of settling down for relatives, but also the heart, attention and timely support from the Group to especially difficult situations. The spaciousness and solidity of the new houses is hopefully a source of motivation for people to be able to work and settle down with peace of mind.

Tập đoàn Sao Đỏ

Funding ceremony for house construction in Minh Tan Commune – Kien Thuy District

Regarding education, we always pay a certain attention to the development of young people – the future owners of the country by awarding study encouragement scholarships to encourage the spirit of learning. practice during the school years.

With the practical values ​​that Sao Do Group has built, we are committed to always focusing on the community, supporting to the maximum extent, contributing to the sustainable development of the country.

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