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Every year the Government implements a new tax audit/inspection plan that reflects current economic conditions and changes in the market. Notably, tax authorities are increasingly using advanced methods in the process of identifying and inspecting/inspecting domestic and foreign enterprises in various fields. Therefore, companies need to prepare carefully for this, especially should have a strategic plan and a deep understanding of tax regulations in Vietnam.

In addition, compliance is an important issue for businesses throughout their operations. With Vietnam’s interwoven and frequently changing legal system, ensuring compliance with regulations from time to time is a big challenge for businesses. Focusing on the areas of corporate, investment and labor law, KPMG’s seminar aspires to give manufacturing businesses – including both general and export processing enterprises – some updates on new requirements that businesses need to comply with in the current period.

Therefore, Nam Dinh Vu and Phu My 3 Industrial Parks collaborated with KPMG Vietnam to organize an Update on Taxation/Inspection and Law. During this event, we will share about the new changes in tax inspection this year as well as the highlights of compliance requirements for businesses.



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Update on Tax Bar/Inspection 2021Break

New regulatory compliance requirements



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