Characteristics of seaports in Hai Phong – Potential for breakthrough in the future

Hai Phong is one of the localities with the largest seaport system in Vietnam, and this is also one of the TOP 50 most efficient seaports in the world. The following article will help readers learn about the characteristics of Hai Phong seaport that have created that capacity.

1. The largest seaport system in the North

Hai Phong port is a national port and an international hub for goods trade with other countries. In the northern region, Hai Phong port has the largest scale and capacity system.

Currently, the port has 5 branches, the port area has 21 piers with a total length of 3,567m. The total area of ​​Chua Ve and Tan Vu ports is 712,110m2 and 3,300m2 of Chua Ve CFS warehouse. (Source: lecvietnam)

According to the Business Forum newspaper, Hai Phong port has the capacity to receive about 10 million tons/year. In the future, Lach Huyen port will invest and develop to receive 100,000 DWT super-heavy ships.

Cảng Hải Phòng có quy mô và năng lực lớn nhất khu vực miền Bắc 
Hai Phong Port has the largest scale and capacity in the North region

2. Lots of potentials for the development of the logistics service industry

In addition to the advantage of owning a large and modern seaport system, Hai Phong also has many other advantages to develop the logistics service industry. Specifically:

  • Hai Phong is a locality that fully converges with 5 types of transport : With a system of roads, railways, airways, sea routes, and rivers, Hai Phong creates the ability to connect and transport goods in multi-modal, convenient.
  • Gateway to the sea of ​​the northern provinces : Hai Phong is the locality with the largest volume of import and export goods through the northern port. Because Hai Phong port system is the gateway to the sea of ​​Hanoi capital and provinces such as Hai Duong, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh…
  • Synchronous infrastructure, large-scale warehouse : The total area of ​​the port in Hai Phong with Chua Ve and Tan Vu ports is 712,110m2. CFS Chua Ve warehouse area is 3,300m2. Along with the development of technical infrastructure, information technology, and human resource training, Hai Phong port system will be a “potential land” of the logistics industry.

Thanks to its inherent advantages, along with the development of the seaport system – an important link to promote logistics services, Hai Phong will become an international transshipment hub, a major modern logistics center in the region. Southeast Asia.

Với nhiều lợi thế vốn có và sự phát triển của hệ thống cảng biển, Hải Phòng sẽ trở thành đầu mối trung tâm trung chuyển quốc tế, trung tâm logistic hiện đại 
With many inherent advantages and the development of the seaport system, Hai Phong will become the focal point of an international transshipment center and a modern logistics center.

3. International connection seaport

Hai Phong will continue to orient the planning to expand the seaport system in combination with transport infrastructure and logistics services. Since then, affirming the role and position of Hai Phong as an important traffic hub connecting the North’s goods trade with countries around the world.

Hai Phong Port is coordinating with shipping lines to organize a closed transport chain to Europe, India and Asian domestic routes. As a result, Vietnamese goods will be exported to foreign countries more conveniently, enhancing the position of Vietnamese products in the international market.

There are many major shipping lines in the world choosing Hai Phong port for cooperation such as: Cosco, Wanhai, Maersk Line, NYK…. These are proofs of the position of Hai Phong port in the international maritime market.

Cảng Hải Phòng - trung tâm kết nối hàng hải Việt Nam với quốc tế
Hai Phong Port – the center of maritime connection between Vietnam and the world

Hai Phong has been taking full advantage of the characteristics of the seaport, the inherent advantages to develop and become the largest seaport system in the North. From there, meeting the requirements of socio-economic development, international economic integration, establishing Vietnam’s position and being an important link in global maritime.

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