Eco-industrial park model – attracting investors in Hai Phong

The eco-industrial park model is a trend that modern industrial parks are aiming for. With the goal of sustainable economic development, environmentally friendly, eco-industrial parks or green-oriented industrial parks are creating a strong attraction for visionary investors.

1. What is an eco-industrial park?

Eco-industrial park is understood as a collection of businesses (manufacturing and services) connected together, aiming for social – economic – environmental benefits with high quality through cooperation on management of eco-industrial parks. environmental and resource issues.

It is thanks to the close cooperation between businesses and the clean and healthy production and business environment in the eco-industrial park that businesses will enhance their competitive advantages, creating an efficient and sustainable development overall. steady. Since then, promoting Vietnam’s economy to develop quickly and catch up with the world’s trend of modern and smart industry.

2. Eco-industrial park – development trend

The traditional industrial park lacks the link between businesses, and the use of interest and fee resources leads to low efficiency in production and business. To solve the limitations of traditional industrial parks, from 2014-2019, the Ministry of Planning and Investment implemented an initiative to develop eco-industrial parks.

The development orientation of this industrial park model is to plan for all industries in an area to coordinate to create a circular, complementary whole to develop together. Businesses in the area will manage and use resources efficiently and promote environmental friendliness.

This is not only the development trend of industrial parks in Vietnam but also in the world. Typically, in the Kwinana eco-industrial park (Western Australia), there are 50 symbionts of support services, 33 symbionts of by-products. Lime kiln dust is a by-product and is used for desulfurization; gypsum is reused to improve the soil,…

From there, businesses in the eco-industrial park will support each other and seek opportunities to improve business efficiency, protect the environment and optimize resources.

3. Benefits when investors in eco-industrial parks

The eco-industrial park brings a lot of benefits to businesses operating in the area. This creates a great attraction for domestic and international investors.

  • Eco-industrial park with cooperation and mutual assistance, the output products of one unit are the input materials of other units, helping businesses save operating costs and improve competitiveness.
  • When choosing to invest in an eco-industrial park, it must be an investor with a vision and desire for sustainable development. This will contribute to raising the prestige, creating a favorable view of the partner.
  • Eco-industrial parks always uphold environmental protection factors. Therefore, investors who choose this industrial park to “pour capital” show their high responsibility in protecting the common living environment.

However, at present, the number of eco-industrial parks in our country is still very small (according to Industry and Trade electronic newspaper, by the end of 2020, Vietnam has only deployed 6 eco-industrial parks). Therefore, investors have very few options and navigating to green-oriented industrial parks is inevitable.

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