Hai Phong large industrial park develops in the direction of green industrial parks

Hai Phong Large Industrial Park not only contributes to Hai Phong’s economy but also minimizes adverse impacts on the environment. In Hai Phong, which green development-oriented industrial parks are there? What activities have industrial parks been implementing to join hands to protect the environment? We invite you to read the article below.

1. What is a Green Industrial Park?

According to a source from reatimes.vn, green industry is an environment-friendly industry that produces environmentally friendly products and helps the natural conditions of the environment to become better instead of doing it. it worsens. In the entire production process, green industry helps to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

In addition, green industry also includes the reuse of waste, energy waste, economical and efficient use of energy as well as other natural resources (minerals, natural wood, etc.) , limit the use of toxic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, food preservation…) by using advanced technologies to overcome and control environmental pollution.

Currently, the green industrial park model is a top priority for big investors because it brings practical benefits to increase competitiveness and create prestige for businesses.

Hai Phong large industrial park develops in the direction of green.
Green industrial parks are currently the development orientation of countries, including Vietnam

2. Why should a new large industrial park in Hai Phong be developed in an ecological direction?

Green industrial park in Hai Phong is currently orienting development towards increasing green area, using recycled materials and focusing on using solar power, wastewater treatment system… All these factors not only have a positive impact on the environment but also increase the production efficiency of the industrial park.

  • Cost optimization : Green industry development will help save energy, raw materials, etc., thereby optimizing production and operating costs, bringing direct benefits to businesses.
  • Improve production quality:  A green – clean environment helps improve human health, increase work efficiency, and stabilize personnel, thereby positively affecting production and business efficiency.
  • Enhancing prestige : Green industry with large financial investment requirements, showing strategic vision, new thinking … is one of the measures to assess the credibility with investors of the industrial park.

Not only bringing direct benefits in terms of cost and production efficiency, the development orientation of green industrial zones is also an inevitable trend in the world, which is prioritized by many countries for development.

Khu công nghiệp mới tại Hải Phòng phát triển theo hướng khu công nghiệp xanh nhằm bảo vệ môi trường và tạo sự tăng trưởng kinh tế phát triển bền vững 
The new industrial park in Hai Phong is developing in the direction of a green industrial park to protect the environment and create sustainable economic growth.

3. Hai Phong large industrial park develops in the direction of green industrial parks

Up to the present time, in Hai Phong, there are 3 new industrial parks that are oriented to develop green industrial parks. Depending on the scale and development orientation, there will be different investment categories.

3.1 Nam Dinh Vu – Green-oriented industrial park attracts investors

Being well aware of its responsibility to the environment, right from the time of deployment, Nam Dinh Vu has oriented to build a green industrial park. To contribute to environmental protection, meet Vietnam’s green economic development goals and create attraction for visionary investors.

Rooftop solar power project

Nam Dinh Vu cooperates with Shire Oak International to build:

  • Installing solar cells on the roofs of factories of industrial zones
  • Generates about 77 million KW of electricity per year
  • Estimated carbon emission reduction is 65,246 tons
Nam Dinh Vu is a Hai Phong large industrial park about to install solar panels on the roof of the factory to go green direction
Nam Dinh Vu is about to install solar panels on the roof of the factory

Wastewater treatment system according to biochemical technology

  • Activated sludge aerobic biological treatment technology
  • Wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 10,000 m3 / day and night
  • Industrial wastewater is treated separately, meeting standards
  • Automatic monitoring station continuously measures wastewater quality after treatment
Hệ thống xử lý nước thải tại KCN Nam Đình Vũ có khả năng xử lý 10.000m3/ ngày đêm
The wastewater treatment system in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park is capable of treating 10,000m3/day and night

Regulations towards environmental protection for investors

  • Save 20% of the area for green trees
  • Building green corridors, greening bare land
  • The lessee must arrange rainwater and wastewater collection systems.

Building an environment-friendly landscape

  • Nam Dinh Vu spends 130ha (about 10% of the area) to plant trees
  • Trees are evenly arranged on the roads inside the industrial zone

Đường nội khu rợp bóng cây xanh tại KCN Nam Đình Vũ

Đường nội khu rợp bóng cây xanh tại KCN Nam Đình Vũ
The internal road is lined with green trees in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park

Launching the Tree Planting Festival, the “Green Saturday” event

The annual launching ceremony is a meaningful activity to increase the green area in the industrial park and raise the awareness of environmental protection to all employees in the corporation.

Building a green-oriented industrial park with many advantages in terms of geographical location, investment incentives as well as professional support from the investor… Nam Dinh Vu will bring a potential business environment, development stable development for businesses.

Nam Đình Vũ - Khu công nghiệp định hướng xanh cùng với nhiều lợi thế về giao thông, vị trí địa lý và ưu đãi đầu tư là “địa chỉ vàng” cho các nhà đầu tư thứ cấp
Nam Dinh Vu – Green-oriented industrial park with many advantages in traffic, geographical location and investment incentives is a “golden address” for secondary investors

More information at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIxCXXGLIM8

3.2 Deep C Industrial Park

Deep C Industrial Park is also persisting in the goal of developing an eco-industrial park to create a sustainable business environment. Deep C has deployed renewable energy development with a solar battery project, a wind power project, built about 200m of roads from waste plastic …

Source: diendandoanhnghiep.vn

3.3 Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park

Over the past time, Nam Cau Kien has implemented many activities to create a green industrial park such as recycling, reuse of waste, cleaner production, etc.

With the orientation of building green industrial parks,  Hai Phong large industrial park is catching up with the global trend and promising to bring sustainable, stable and safe development to the environment. With this policy and many advantages of location, it will be an attractive factor for investors in the future.

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