Hai Phong puts Nam Dinh Vu deep-water port into operation

Nam Dinh Vu is the 7th port in Gemadept’s port system and the largest deep-water port in Dinh Vu peninsula, Hai Phong…


05/07/2018 17:36

On the morning of May 7, in Hai Phong, Gemadept Group and Sao Do Group (project investor) officially put phase 1 of Nam Dinh Vu port project into operation. 

Located in Cat Hai economic zone in Nam Dinh Vu non-tariff zone and industrial park, near the river mouth, so Nam Dinh Vu has the closest distance to the sea compared to other ports in Hai Phong port area. At the same time, the transport infrastructure from this port is conveniently and seamlessly connected to the national transportation system such as the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway, Hai Phong – Ha Long highway…

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sang, Director of the Vietnam Maritime Administration, said, of the 38 ports operating in Hai Phong, Nam Dinh Vu is the port with the wharf length and channel depth as well as the wide turning area, along with Modern and synchronous equipment system, these are favorable factors for the port to be eligible to receive ships with a tonnage of up to 40,000 tons.

According to the master plan, Gemadept and Sao Do Group will invest 6,000 billion VND for this project, when all 3 phases are completed, the port will have 1.5 km of wharf length including 6-7 complex. container terminal with a warehouse system of over 65 hectares, then the receiving capacity will reach nearly 2 million Teus and 3 million tons of goods/year.

In phase I, this joint venture has poured VND 1,700 billion, built a 450 m long jetty, and installed loading and unloading equipment, such as: 6RTG and 4QC gantry crane systems with a reach of 15 rows of containers belonging to the group. The largest type in the region with modern Catos software to help manage and operate port operations in real time, cranes, specialized forklifts and a large and synchronous warehouse system… With the current scale, the South Port Dinh Vu is capable of receiving 500,000 Teus/year.

Mr. Do Van Minh, General Director of Gemadept Vietnam, said that the time from the start of construction of Nam Dinh Vu port to when the port received the first ship on February 4, 2018 was within 1 year, this is a progress. record level in construction of seaports of equivalent size.

After 3 months of operation, this port has welcomed 35 ships to handle cargo, the throughput of goods is nearly 25,000 Teus, the cargo handling capacity is among the highest in the region: reaching 50 moves/hour.

It is known that the growth rate of container throughput through Hai Phong in the last 5 years has averaged nearly 15% per year, in 2017, the total volume of goods through Hai Phong reached over 84.66 million tons. . It is forecasted that in 2018, this number will increase to over 100 million tons.

This growth is putting great pressure on the port service industry and post-port logistics. Therefore, investing in the construction of Lach Huyen international port, Nam Dinh Vu port… in Hai Phong is a positive and effective solution to reduce the load on ports located deep inland, reducing pressure on traffic in the area. the inner city area, improving the capacity to receive goods…

Mr. Do Van Minh – General Director of Gemadept Vietnam, shared, to meet the needs of the market, the second phase of the project will be started in the third quarter of this year so that it can be put into operation at the beginning of the year. 2020.

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Bich, Vice Chairman of Hai Phong City People’s Council, said the birth of Nam Dinh Vu port has a very important meaning in promoting the development of the marine economy, and affecting the development of the community. generation for other economic sectors, contributing to affirming Hai Phong’s position in becoming an important link connecting economic belts.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sang, Director of the Vietnam Maritime Administration, affirmed, building and developing deep-water ports going far to the sea is a global trend, the fact that ports receive large ships will not only reduce costs for import and export goods but also contributes to improving the competitiveness of Vietnam’s logistics industry in the regional and world markets.

Source: http://vneconomy.vn/hai-phong-dua-cang-nuoc-sau-nam-dinh-vu-vao-khai-thac-20180507170754646.htm

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