Large and prestigious industrial park investor in Hai Phong

The capacity of the investor of the industrial park will contribute to determining the quality of industrial real estate. With thoughtful and strategic investors, they will bring businesses a convenient business environment and many attractive incentives to improve competitiveness for a sustainable development platform.

1. List of large industrial park investors in Hai Phong

Here are some reputable Hai Phong industrial park investors with 100% investment capital of domestic shareholders. These investors have contributed to the formation of synchronous industrial parks with many advantages, creating strong attraction for domestic and foreign secondary investors, making an important contribution to improving Hai Phong’s position in the world. Vietnam economic map.


industrial area

Sao Do Group Investment Joint Stock Company

Nam Dinh Vu

Saigon – Hai Phong Industrial Park Development Corporation

Trang Due

Minh Phuong Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company

MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park

2. Sao Do Group – one of the most prestigious IP investors in Hai Phong

Sao Do Group was established in 2002. After 20 years of establishment and development, Sao Do has become one of the symbols of a world-class multidisciplinary pure Vietnamese economic group and is considered as one of the Prestigious industrial park investor in Hai Phong.

The Group mainly invests in the field of urban real estate and has been particularly successful with projects on industrial land, seaports, port services, etc. Typical of which are the non-tariff zones and seaports . and Nam Dinh Vu industrial park.

With the strategic vision of “Going to the big sea”, the industrial park investor – Sao Do Group has built Nam Dinh Vu industrial park encroaching on the sea with a scale of 1,329ha. The project is considered to be extremely daring, but the fact shows that Nam Dinh Vu has a special advantage in terms of cost and time for site clearance.

Along with the synchronous planning of infrastructure from the internal traffic system, electricity, water, wastewater treatment, liquid cargo port, etc., it brings convenience and convenience to business enterprises. Therefore, Nam Dinh Vu industrial park is highly appreciated by many experts and investors with vision and is creating a fever in Hai Phong industrial real estate market.

Sao Do Group -

Sao Do Group – The bright spot of industrial real estate in Hai Phong

Among  industrial park investors , Sao Do Group has created a solid position in Hai Phong industrial real estate market . Attractive projects with many advantages like Nam Dinh Vu are a measure of the prestige and vision of a pure Vietnamese corporation with international standards.

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