List of large enterprises in Hai Phong in industrial real estate investment

The following list of Hai Phong large enterprises  in industrial real estate investment with 100% investment capital of domestic shareholders will be the symbol and our pride of Vietnamese enterprises in Hai Phong. These are all units with large industrial projects, rich in development potential, influence and great contributions to the national economy.

1. One of the big enterprises in Hai Phong – Sao Do Group

Sao Do Group was established in 2002. After 20 years of establishment and development, Sao Do has become one of the symbols of a world-class multidisciplinary pure Vietnamese economic group and also a big enterprise in Hai Phong. the most important. In the Group, there are many member companies and affiliated companies. Each company is an important piece, creating a unified block, a solid premise for the Group to develop far.

Sao Do Group has had many outstanding and successful projects with large investment capital. Specifically:


total investment 

Non-tariff zone, seaport and Nam Dinh Vu industrial park

9,000 billion VND

Sao Do bonded warehouse project

430 billion VND

Nam Dinh Vu port project

6,000 billion VND

Field of activity

The Group mainly invests in the field of urban real estate and has been especially successful with projects on industrial land, seaports, port services, etc. Typical of which are the non-tariff zones, seaports. and Nam Dinh Vu industrial park.

With this project, Sao Do Group is proving its success when developing multi-industry, multi-service, providing customers with services and total solutions to create an extremely favorable business environment. Contribute to economic promotion in the city of red phoenix flowers.

Typical partner 

Up to now, after 20 years of establishment and development, Sao Do Group has cooperated with many big brands:

  • Gemadept Corporation
  • An Phat Group
  • BW Industrial Corporation
  • JD Property Group
  • Greenworks Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • SLP Park Hai Phong Co., Ltd
  • PV Oil Petroleum Joint Stock Company
  • VLC Corporation (with the Vico and Sivico brands)
  • And many other large domestic and foreign enterprises,…
Nam Đình Vũ - một trong những dự án tiêu biểu của Tập đoàn Sao Đỏ 
Nam Dinh Vu – one of the typical projects of Sao Do Group

2. Saigon – Hai Phong Industrial Park Development Corporation

Saigon – Hai Phong Industrial Park Development Corporation was established in 2006. According to Hai Phong New newspaper, the Trang Due industrial park project invested by the unit is considered one of the major projects in the city. port town. The project is divided into 3 phases: Trang Due I, Trang Due II and Trang Due III. In which, Trang Due III industrial park is a new industrial park in the process of implementing the establishment procedures.

Field of activity

The Group operates mainly in the fields of industrial real estate, sand and gravel mining, water treatment and supply, construction, etc.

3. Minh Phuong Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company

According to Environmental Resources Newspaper reported on November 25, 2019, Minh Phuong Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company was established in 2005 . With a reputation for many years of development, Minh Phuong has gradually affirmed its position in the real estate market, especially industrial real estate – as one of the remarkable Hai Phong large enterprises.

Minh Phuong’s most successful project is MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park with the fields of seaport logistics, industrial parks …

Field of activity

Providing industrial real estate services, logistics and seaports, resort real estate.

Above is a list of Hai Phong large enterprises with elite industrial park projects, bringing a lot of development potential to the port city. The most typical is the Nam Dinh Vu industrial park project (belonging to Dinh Vu industrial park cluster ) invested by Sao Do Group, which is considered an attractive destination, creating strong attraction for secondary investors. , contributing significantly to improving the position of Hai Phong on the economic map of Vietnam.

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