Mechanisms and policies – an opportunity for Hai Phong to make a breakthrough

At the 2nd session, National Assembly XV, Hai Phong was selected by the National Assembly as one of the localities to pilot a number of specific mechanisms and policies on budget, fee collection mechanism, salary… special mechanisms and policies – more resources for Hai Phong to break through when it already has the advantages of strategic location and high economic growth rate. 

1. Basic content of the resolution on piloting a number of specific mechanisms and policies for Hai Phong development

The basic contents of a number of specific policies on budget, mechanism of collection of fees, charges and salaries approved by the XV National Assembly for pilot implementation in Hai Phong include:

Financial management – state budget

Investors and businesses in Hai Phong can borrow money through the issuance of local government bonds, loan packages from credit institutions and government loans borrowed from abroad. At the same time, annually, the central budget will supplement the city with less than 70% of the increase in central budget revenue in the area.

Implement fee and fee policy

The People’s Council of Hai Phong City will apply fees and charges other than the List attached to the Law on Fees and Charges. beneficial to businesses.

Land management, planning

The People’s Council of Hai Phong City may decide to change the purpose of using land for rice cultivation with 2 or more crops with a maximum scale of 500 ha. The conversion of this use purpose must be consistent with the master plan, the land use plan decided by the competent authority.

As for the planning management, the People’s Committee of the city has the right to approve the adjustment of the general planning on construction of urban functional areas already approved by the Prime Minister. The approval process should follow the order and procedures decided by the Prime Minister and report the results to the Prime Minister. This Resolution takes effect from January 1, 2022 and will be implemented for 5 years.

Cơ chế, chính sách - thời cơ để Hải Phòng bứt phá

Economic situation of Hai Phong in the first 6 months of 2022 (Source: Hai Phong web portal and Hai Phong City General Statistics Office)

2. Special advantage of Hai Phong

With these specific and flexible mechanisms and policies, it will create many great advantages for Hai Phong industrial real estate to attract investment.

It is this that creates extremely attractive advantages for Hai Phong to continue to break through, not to miss the opportunity to welcome the “eagle”. Therefore, businesses are very responsive to these mechanisms and policies. Especially industrial real estate businesses like Sao Do are motivated to achieve more success in the future. Since then, contributing to raising the economic position of Hai Phong on the economic map of Vietnam.

Special mechanisms and policies such as providing more resources for Hai Phong to create breakthroughs in the future. This pilot meets the expectations of local people, investors/enterprises and creates opportunities for resources to accelerate economic development. At the same time, it is a typical example to apply in other localities, contributing to accelerating the speed of industrialization, modernization, and integration with the world economy.

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