Sao Do Group is a reputable real estate developer.

Sao Do Group is a conglomerate operating in multiple industries and sectors. Among them, the key sector is industrial real estate, which has made a significant impact on the real estate market. Sao Do Group is regarded as a reputable real estate developer due to its creation of modern, integrated, and environmentally friendly industrial parks.

Sao Do Group – 20 years of development with HEART and VISION

Founded in 2002, with over 20 years of formation and development, Sao Do Group has established a certain position in the real estate market. Sao Do was developed through the convergence of intelligence, faith, and a desire to bring about changes for Hai Phong city in particular and the national economy in general. Having gone through difficult early days, Sao Do Group has now had suitable development orientations and has become a pure Vietnamese multi-industry economic group with international standards.

Together with the business motto “The success of customers is the success of Sao Do,” Sao Do always puts the interests of customers first. The Group has been highly appreciated by many customers and is considered a typical example of a real estate developer with HEART and VISION. With the support and love of customer partners, Sao Do Group will continue to succeed and go further on the chosen path.

Sao Do Group -

Sao Do Group – 20 years of development with decisive and proud steps

2. Sao Do Group’s typical projects

Sao Do Group has become one of the reputable real estate developers, guaranteeing the quality of its projects. The typical projects of the Group include:

Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Zone, Port and Export Processing Zone: with a scale of 1,329 hectares
Anh Dung II Real Estate Project: with a scale of 145,951.7 square meters
Sao Do Urban Real Estate Project: with a scale of 12,206.7 square meters
Thanh To Urban Real Estate Project: with a scale of 42,007 square meters
Sao Do Export Warehouse Project: with a scale of 13 hectares
Nam Dinh Vu Port Project: with a scale of 65 hectares
Among them, the Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Zone project is a typical project of Sao Do Group. Contrary to the trend of investors building industrial zones within the city, Sao Do Group has made a breakthrough and “moved out to the open sea,” reclaiming land from the sea to build an industrial zone.

With an investment of 9,000 billion VND, Sao Do Group has transformed a waterlogged area, a deserted and saline land into one of the most modern and synchronized industrial zones in the city of Hai Phong. The project was implemented quickly because it did not take much time for land clearance. Also, locating the industrial zone far from residential areas helps business activities not to affect the livelihoods of the people.


Sao Do Group -
4 phân khu chức năng tại KCN Nam Đình Vũ

Hai Phong – Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Zone is the only industrial zone that owns four auxiliary functional subdivisions, creating a “closed-loop” supply chain. This helps businesses to receive maximum support and find new business opportunities.

With all of these efforts, Sao Do always hopes that Nam Dinh Vu will become a common home where the interests of the city, businesses, and customers are harmoniously balanced and developed sustainably.

With the business principle of always focusing on customers and sustainable development, Sao Do Group, a reputable real estate developer in the market, will continue to achieve many successes in all fields. At the same time, Sao Do will be a reliable partner for all investors to develop together steadily.

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