Sao Do Petrol Joint Stock Company (Sao Do Petrol)

As one of the key member companies within the Group, Sao Do Petrol was initially established with the objective of investing in real estate and petroleum business. It has successfully carried out a series of highly acclaimed residential development projects, earning gold medals in urban planning and architecture for beautiful houses. Notable projects include Anh Dung II Residential Area, Sao Do I Residential Area, Thanh To Residential Development Project, and Sao Do Gas Station Project.

In order to meet the overall development needs of the Group, with the goal of each member company representing a distinctive business sector to form a perfect entity, Sao Do Petrol is gradually shifting its focus towards the solid, liquid, and gas fuel business, as well as related products. With its existing resources, the company will continue to strengthen its position and success in this new direction, contributing to the overall development of the Group through profitable ventures.

Công ty Cổ phần Petrol Sao Đỏ (Sao Do Petrol)

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