Tax incentives for businesses in industrial zones

Industrial parks with many attractive incentives contribute to creating strong attraction for domestic and foreign investors. Follow the following article to choose an address that brings businesses many attractive incentives to optimize costs and peace of mind in production and business.

1. How to invest in an industrial park with tax incentives?

Tax incentives are preferential policies that the State offers and applies to a group of enterprises operating in production and business in an industrial park with specific conditions and characteristics. These enterprises are facilitated and encouraged by the state to develop with reduced tax payable.

Normally, when operating a business, it will have to pay taxes such as: land use tax, value added tax, corporate income tax, import-export tax or special consumption tax (depending on the business line). ). In which, land use tax and corporate income tax are taxes applied to most enterprises engaged in production and business activities.

The current popular tax incentives for businesses in industrial parks are:

  • Exemption from land use tax
  • Exemption or reduction of income tax for a certain period of time
  • Value added tax for input costs in the export processing industrial park is 0% (normally 10%).

When the state has tax incentives, especially land use tax and corporate income tax, it will contribute to attracting investment, encouraging businesses to expand production and business to promote economic development. .

2. Nam Dinh Vu – the industrial park with the best tax incentives in Vietnam today

This is also one of the factors that help Nam Dinh Vu become one of the potential “golden spots”, attracting many domestic and foreign investors. Investment incentives at Nam Dinh Vu:

  • Corporate income tax incentives: Tax exemption for 4 years and 50% reduction of payable tax for the next 9 years. In addition, the corporate income tax rate will be only 10% (as a rule, 20%) for 15 consecutive years from the first year when the enterprise has revenue from activities entitled to tax incentives.
  • Incentives for land use tax: Enterprises are exempted from 100% of land use tax during the project implementation period.
  • Special offer: Support businesses to complete legal procedures for free, quickly.
Sao Do Group -
Special tax incentives for businesses in Nam Dinh Vu industrial park 

Thus, tax incentives for enterprises in industrial zones are of great significance. Hai Phong industrial parks with attractive investment incentives such as Nam Dinh Vu will open up many opportunities for secondary investors to expand production and business, reduce costs, create competitiveness in the market and contribute to economic development. 

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