[UPDATE] List of industrial zones in Vietnam

The list of industrial parks in Vietnam in the article will give readers an overview of the development of industrial parks in Vietnam. With a list of the largest industrial zones in the North, it will help investors choose a safe and effective investment.

1. Overview of industrial zones in Vietnam

According to VnEconomy, as of early 2022, Vietnam has 395 industrial parks in 61 provinces and cities with a planned area of ​​123,000 hectares. It is expected that by 2030, our country will plan to increase 115,000 hectares of industrial land and the total industrial park will increase to 558, nearly 1.5 times higher than the current number.

Source: https://vneconomy.vn/canh-tranh-khu-cong-nghiep-nam-2022-nhieu-dia-phuong-vao-cuoc-san-don-von-fdi.htm

Most of our country’s industrial parks are oriented towards concentrated industrial zones. With a large area, synchronous infrastructure will promote key industries, greatly contributing to the overall growth of the Vietnamese economy.

Bản đồ các khu công nghiệp tại Việt Nam
Map of industrial zones in Vietnam

2. List of the largest industrial zones in the North

Currently, in the North, there are 3 large industrial parks with large area, synchronous infrastructure and an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors.

Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park, Hai Phong

Nam Dinh Vu is an encroaching industrial park with an area of ​​1329 hectares. With bold and right directions, Nam Dinh Vu is still a magnet creating a strong attraction for investors.

Thanks to the inherent advantage of a favorable geographical location, synchronous and modern infrastructure planning and preferential tariffs, Nam Dinh Vu is expected to create great economic breakthroughs for the port city.

Khu công nghiệp Nam Đình Vũ - một trong những khu công nghiệp lớn tại miền Bắc nước ta 
Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park – one of the major industrial parks in the North of our country

Deep C Hai Phong Industrial Park

Established in 1997, the industrial park has undergone a long process of formation and development, greatly contributing to the economic growth of Hai Phong in particular and the North in general.

Que Vo Industrial Park, Bac Ninh

Located in the key economic triangle region of the North, Que Vo industrial park has brought into play its inherent advantages in topography, transport infrastructure and created many great motivations, promoting economy of Bac Ninh province and the northern region of Vietnam.

Source: https://bacninh.gov.vn/news/-/details/20182/phat-trien-ha-tang-kcn-que-vo

3. Take a look at some industrial parks in the Central region

The Central region has also had many economic breakthroughs in recent years. That achievement has an important contribution of major economic zones in the region. Specifically:

Bim Son Industrial Park, Thanh Hoa

Bim Son Industrial Park has contributed to “changing flesh” in Thanh Hoa province. With the advantage of the location connecting the North and the South with the low cost of land and infrastructure investment, Bim Son industrial park has created many competitive advantages compared to other industrial parks to attract tourists. domestic and foreign investment.

Source: https://thanhhoa.gov.vn/portal/Pages/2022-4-8/Phat-trien-thi-xa-Bim-Son-tro-thanh-do-thi-hat-nhaf4i1bg.aspx

Nhon Hoi Industrial Park, Binh Dinh

Nhon Hoi Industrial Park is considered as one of the largest industrial parks in the Central region. With new policies in the development of technology industry 4.0, Nhon Hoi Industrial Park will make a strong breakthrough in the future and contribute to making Binh Dinh the top growth province in the Central region, Vietnam.

Source: https://binhdinh.gov.vn/doanh-nghiep/khu-cum-cong-nghiep/khu-king-te-nhon-hoi

4. Take a look at some industrial zones in the South

As one of the dynamic economic bridgeheads of our country, the South has many large industrial parks in the top of the country.

Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park

This is an industrial park established in 2007 with an area of ​​up to 2000ha and 384.71ha for port and warehouse construction. Hiep Phuoc has attracted investors because of its large area and favorable geographical location when located in Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh City.

VSIP Binh Duong Industrial Park

This is an industrial park established in 2007, Hiep Phuoc has attracted investors because of its large area and favorable geographical location when located in Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh City.

Source: https://www.hiepphuoc.com/#:~:text=V%E1%BB%9Bi%20t%E1%BB%95ng%20di%E1%BB%87n%20t%C3%ADch%201.686, s%C3%A2n%20bay%20qu%E1%BB%91c%20t%E1%BA%BF…

VSIP is an industrial park complex stretching across the country, VSIP Binh Duong is one of the first projects in this industrial park complex. The industrial park is located in Binh Duong, connected to Ho Chi Minh City with only 16km, so the advantage of geographical location and traffic that VSIP has is great. Along with the synchronous and methodical planning, the industrial park has been trusted by many secondary investors.

With the continuous growth in scale and methodical investment, the science of Vietnam’s industrial parks has, is and will make an important contribution to the breakthrough of the Vietnamese economy. With new opportunities for post-pandemic recovery, Vietnam will soon achieve its national plan of industrialization and modernization and mark the Vietnamese economy on the world economic map.

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